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The Game that Keeps You Talking for Hours

800 Different Topics


Roll Play is designed to give students maximum speaking time. It consists of 800 different topics on colored cards. To play the game, students simply roll the dice and select a card based on the number rolled. The higher the number on the dice, the more difficult the speaking task. If students roll doubles, they role play a situation with a partner. The speaking tasks on the cards are categorized as follows from easiest to most difficult.

  Fill in the blank

Use words in a sentence

Complete a sentance

Hypothetical situations

React to a situation

Describe something

Narrate, tell a story

Express opinions

Give instructions

Role play with a partner





The Game that Keeps You Talking for Hours

800 Different Topics


A Conversation Text for ESL Students; New Edition
Glen Alan Penrod
  • Delta Publishing Title 
  • Best Seller 
  • High School 
  • Adult Education

Touchy Situations is designed to give students a maximum amount of speaking time in a variety of communicative contexts. Each lesson provides a conversational situation or activity in which participants must interact in English to complete a task or solve a problem. Topics are innovative and fun for teachers and students alike. The new edition provides creative ideas for discussion, along with

   Warm up and preview activities

  Contextualized vocabulary and expressions

  Conversation strategies for interactive use

  Thought-provoking topics and questions

  Focused objectives and procedures

  Follow-up material for further discussion

Touchy Situations is very teacher-friendly and easy to use. Lesson formats include information gap, role play, and group discussion. The book's wide range of challenging material keeps students interested and motivated to use the language for realistic communication.




600 Phrasal Verbs with Definitions and Interactive Practice


   Color-coded by difficulty and common usage

  Short definitions

  Matching Exercises

  Interactive game





The Ultimate in ESL Word Games

1200 color-coded word cards


Encouraging Words can be used in a variety of ways to provide students with both structured and free conversation practice.
The word cards, color-coded according to parts of speech, can
be used individually as flash cards or with other cards to produce phrases and sentences.

Encouraging Words comes complete with a handbook of suggested activities, a set of sentence-starting phrases, and individual word cards. Nown cards include both singular and plural forms for count nouns, and verb cards include all forms of verb. A "verb window" is provided to highlight the particular forms of the verb and cover up the others.




Fun For Early Readers

Paperback 9.97
Kindle Book 7.97

A great way to teach children reading skills. This book uses word families, rhythm and repetition to tell a fun story with an interesting twist. Teachers, parents, and kids love its unique combination of simple words and sounds, which captivates their interest as the tale unfolds. In the story, two children try to tell Mr. Brown about a strange situation in the living room. He doesn't believe them at first, but later discovers that they're telling the truth--much to his surprise. Children will enjoy reading the easy words and looking at the beautiful pictures and will ask to read this book again and again.




Funny Story For Young Kids

Paperback 8.97

"Jump on the Bump" is one in a series of picture books for young children. It focuses on a specific set of sounds and letter combinations while telling a funny story. In the book, two children find a new way to play in the forest, but to their surprise, the object of their amusement turns out to be something much bigger and meaner looking. Young readers will love the colorful pictures as they read to find out how the two kids deal with a difficult.




Learn to Read and Practice Words

Paperback 7.95
Kindle Book 7.95

This book gives children a fun way to read and practice word and letter recognition. Its rhyme patterns help kids learn common sound-letter associations in word families. The story leads up to a surprise ending, keeping students' interest until the very end. Children will want to read it again and again.





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